Cologne Game Haus could not be as successful as it is today if it wasn’t for all the great people involved. Apart from all the cooperation partners supporting us from the distance and the brilliant companies that have shared our vision and moved in here, there are some people we would like to introduce to you in person.

Johannes Brauckmann, co-founder and Managing Director (on the right)

Johannes can talk about the Cologne Game Haus’ success, its visionary tenants as well as new projects and ideas in his mind with a sparkle in his eyes for hours and hours. He is well connected in the gaming sector and tirelessly looking for new ways of connecting people and business ideas.

Thomas Rössig, co-founder and commercial manager (on the left)

As self-proclaimed “CFO”, Thomas looks after all financial issues of CGH. He loves the fact that his crazy idea of a co-working space for gaming companies has worked out so well. Most of the times you can recognize Thomas by the hat he wears as a trademark style. Apart from bean counting for CGH, Thomas runs Flying Sheep Studios, a German game developer.

Margret von Medem, project manager of Cologne Game Haus (middle)

Margret is the sHero of CGH. Whatever tenants or clients of the Cologne Game Haus might need, she will look after it. As a former project manager of Cityleaks Urban Art Festival and Clusterhouse Cologne, she is well-experienced in managing modern media and working environments. Like a bird in the sky, she oversees all the different issues that need attention.