[alyme] is a young team of highly skilled engineers with a passion for photorealistic renderings, specialized in digitizing real surfaces
DICO Deutschland is a department of DICO in Japan. We mainly focus in game development, while also working on localizations
In our fast paced, modern times games need at least one ingredient to catch a player’s attention: a great story.
Founded in 2007 by Sebastian Rahmel, encurio is an internet company and game studio based in Cologne, Germany. encurio has
The EDFVR is a the first professional body for Virtual Reality in Germany. It offers an engaging network in the
Flying Sheep Studios produces the best looking cross-platform HTML5 games for instant messenger and mobile browsers. Since the company’s founding
GameBros. is a small indie studio specialized in the development of idle and simulation games for mobile (Android + iOS).
Goodwolf is a game development studio with a focus on the fusion of exciting stories with novel gameplay. We met
Ludopium is a Cologne based team of game developers with a passion for crazy ideas. All of our projects are
We're an independent game studio. We like to create joyful experiences that let people laugh together.  We also develop VR