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[alyme] is a young team of highly skilled engineers with a passion for photorealistic renderings, specialized in digitizing real surfaces for production use, independent of the rendering solution. Real environments are littered with surfaces of different optical properties. Our proprietary hardware solution is able to capture even the finest details, from fingerprints on polished metal to motes of dust on a wooden floor. Details like these are essential for creating believable spaces. Coming from a strong research background we are constantly developing new technologies to improve and extend our material scanning capabilities. To suit your individual needs, we offer a scan service, supplemented by our upcoming material library that will offer a variety of highly accurate material scans. In addition to our integrations into renderers and game engines we can provide custom rendering solutions using our in-house renderer or helping you with an integration into your own workflow.

Website: https://alyme.de

Contact: mail@alyme.de

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